by Sangharsha/Thera Roya

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recorded and mixed by colin marston @the thousand caves,queens NY

mastered by brad boatright at in Jan 2015

Thera Roya

Engineered and mixed by Travis Kammeyer @Farenheight Studios
Johnson City, TN

Mastered by Brad Boatright @ Audiosiege

artwork by bijay pokhrel


released December 25, 2015

thanks to labi for being a part of this record



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Sangharsha-Dhamilo

Akha Paki rako cha
k herdai chu Ma
Surya ko Kiran ma dusit prakash
Oralo Sahar ko Bheed bata herdai chu ma Dhamilo Akash
bata giddha le ghuriraheko cha malai

Dhamilo cha ali ali mero akha
Bhaya mero agi pachi gherirahane

Thiko yeti tito ki yesko artha nai rahashya
Dhamilo cha karan ki Ma afai Pani bujna Sakdina
Mero Asal Prayass ma chindina kehi bhawana
ma ek yaad, ma chadi jane ek yatri

Dhamilo cha ali ali mero akha
Bhaya mero agi pachi gherirahane

Nachine yo dhamilo prakash
ek anuhar, naya drishtikon

Eyes are Burning, What am I staring
Rays From the Sun is Polluted,
From the trapped city I'm staring at a Blurred Sky
And from the Blurred Sky this Vultures are staring me back.

It's a Little blurry for my Eyes,
Fear is over shadowing me.

Sharp, it's so Bitter, it's meaning is mystery
The Reason are Blurred out, I really Can't Understand
My Honest Attempt but I really don't recognize any emotion,
I'm a Memory, I'm a departing Traveller

It's a Little blurry for my Eyes,
Fear is over shadowing me.

Unrecognizable, These are blurred rays of Light,
One face, New Point of View.
Track Name: Sangharsha-MMM

Ma Adhyaro Chu,
Khali, Rito, Adhuro, Adha, Baki, Khokro, Adhyaro

Chuda Pani Osiney
Chaya ra Bhoot,
Kaal, Kalo, Asajilo, Garo, Adrishya Bhoot Ko Chaya cha Kalo

Tukreko Joon Sangai,
Adhakaar ma Nibheko
Hosh, Charitra, Aastha, Asha, Soch, Bhawishya, Hosh, Drishya

Dubeko Gham, Ma Adhyaro Chu
Dubeko Gham, Sangai
Buijanchu Ma

I'm Dark,
Empty, Vacant, Incomplete, half, Insufficient, Hollow, Dark

Decaying, Rotten
Shadow and Ghost,
Death, Black, Uneasy, Difficult, The Invisible Ghost has a Black Shadow

Together with the Broken Moon,
In Darkness,
Dead Conscious, Character, Hope, Expectation, Thought, Future, Conscious, Vision

Setting Sun, I'm Dark
Together with the setting Sun,
I'll Rise